• Personal consultation with Client to form pre-market action list. 

  • From light de-clutter, minor improvements/repairs, to major remodel, our team of experts can do it all. Expert advice, from qualified designers, for paint color, carpet, appliance, fixtures, and lighting. 

  • Assist with landscape clean up, new lawns & irrigation, annuals/ in-ground & potted plants and various ground covers. 

  • Total home cleaning, carpet & window cleaning as well as hauling trash and furniture donations.

  • Expert stagers will consult and provide professional proposals. Staging is executed beautifully with the primary focus of return on investment. From minor edits and accessories to furnishing a vacant house, no job too big or small.

  • Pre-photo test-run to ensure lighting inside and out is proper. We inspect inside to ensure all household accessories are correctly placed or hidden, and outside for garden hoses, trash cans, pool sweeps, vehicles and other issues before photos and video.

  • Hi-Definition HDR Photos are taken from on the ground and the air, utilizing state of the art equipment including drones, telescopic poles, steady cameras, voice over technology, and custom lighting. Video, 3D and Virtual Tours are carefully edited and selected with client participation. Emphasis on 'Feature Photo' and assembling the hi-resolution photos in an order that best showcase the property.

  • Custom property web-site with property specific URL. Property web-site is carefully constructed to include video and photo gallery, client approved ad-copy and client approved disclosure link.


  • Once we have dialed the home and grounds, captured the essence in photos, and written the story of your home's assets to your satisfaction, we are ready to GO TO MARKET!